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Love Notes

She knows what she's doing and her confidence shows in her work.


Wow. Where do we start with Haley. First off, she’s an absolute amazing person and we LOVED having her coordinate our wedding. Our wedding had a quite a few major crises (that was out of our control) and we would call Haley to help us with it. She went straight into problem solving mode and was so positive about the whole situation. It definitely helped us calm down and figure out the next steps. Once the wedding day came, it went so smoothly and you wouldn’t even know we had so many issues prior to the wedding day!

In addition to that, we loved how organized Haley is and that she responds quickly to emails and texts. She knows what she’s doing and her confidence shows in her work. Her sweet, positive, bubbly personality is so contagious, we couldn’t have imagined anyone else to be our coordinator. She made our dream come true. She’s worth every penny and we’re SOOOO happy we found her for our wedding. We couldn’t have done it without her. We love you Haley!!

-Eri and Brandon

We’re grateful for the resources she shared early which set us on the right path.


We woke up on our big day with confidence knowing that our wedding would be in great hands! Each moment that we cherished was only made possible by Haley. She graciously listened to our requests, ideas, and goals and executed flawlessly on each one. A core memory we made was during our Grand Exit when she shot us a thumbs to let us know everything was ready for us to run away to happily ever after!

On top of managing the vendors, timeline, and operations she beautifully set up the decor in our ceremony space, reception room, getting ready areas, and beyond. Her interpersonal skills were crucial while balancing the additional opinions from certain family members and earning the respect and friendship of our attendants, vendors, and guests. The love, support, and encouragement she gave us throughout the planning process brought peace during an otherwise overwhelming time! We’re grateful for the resources she shared early which on set us on the right path. If we were to do it all again, Haley would be there from day one!!

-Katie and Sebastian

Haley was there to make my dream wedding a reality.

Anna Delores Photography_Leah & Cameron 05.20.23-545.jpg

There are not enough words to describe how incredible Haley was; not only on my wedding day but throughout the whole planning process. She is very kind, responsive and on top of every detail so that you can have a stress free and enjoyable wedding day after months of planning. I am a very detail oriented person and I was at complete ease on my wedding day knowing that Haley was there to make my dream wedding a reality. If anything went wrong on the wedding day I was, and still am, unaware of it because Haley handled everything. My entire family, my husband and I were able to just focus on having fun and soaking in all the memories because she was there to manage everything else. The wedding was perfect and flawless in every way and that is all because Haley was at the wheel making sure my vision came to life. I have been a maid of honor multiple times and know what goes on behind the scenes to make a wedding day run and I know the amount of work it entails. I wanted to make sure my sisters (MOH’s) would be able to enjoy my wedding day WITH me and not have to feel like they were “working” which is where Haley came in. She was the best decision and smartest hire I could have made for my wedding and I would make the same decision 100x over. She not only made sure my day was perfect but she alleviated the stress and responsibilities from my family and for that we could never repay her!

It truly was the most perfect wedding day and exceeded all my expectations. I owe that feeling of peace, pure enjoyment, and love to Haley for allowing me the capacity to be mentally present at my wedding without a care in the world or a feeling of needing to be responsible for something. In my career, referrals are the highest form of compliment, and I cannot recommend Haley enough. Her value add is unmatched. It was the best decision I could have made.

-Leah and Cameron

Couldn’t have imagined our wedding without her!


Haley is phenomenal and on top of her game at all times. Before our wedding she created a flawless timeline that kept our wedding moving and smooth without feeling rushed. She orchestrated all of our vendors and followed up to ensure they showed up on time and were delivering everything according to our specifications. We received so many comments during and after our wedding from guests who said they thought our wedding was smooth and flawless and they couldn’t believe how perfect it was handled. I will absolutely recommend Haley to anyone I know getting married. She gives you peace of mind to relax and enjoy the day because you know the craziness behind the scenes is being handled for you. Couldn’t have imagined our wedding without her!

-Aurora and Brandon

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